Chris Evans says goodbye to Marvel as Captain America-

CHRIS EVANS yaarunu theriyalala la… namma caption america name than CHRIS EVANS.

athaavathu AVENGERS 4 than avar caption america ah nadikura last movie 
chris evan ah caption america ah paka mudiyathu ithukapram.

avar thannoda tweeter la fans and co worker ku thanks soli erukaru.

CHRIS EVANS 2011 la CAPTAIN AMERICA ah nadicharu. the first avenger.

indha 8 years journey la avaruku yegapata fans erukanga.. avanga yelaarum indha caption america payana kandipa miss panuvaga 
Avengers 4 MAY3 2019 la release aaga pothu. so caption america fans la athukapram avara screen la paka mudiyathu.

MY five inspirational quotes from Captain America:

“I don’t want to kill anyone. I don’t like bullies; I don’t care where they’re from.
“I’m loyal to nothing except the dream.”
“I cannot represent the American Government; the President does that. I must represent the American people.”
“As long as one man stands against you, you’ll never be able to claim victory.”
“America doesn’t hand you things on a silver platter. Sometimes all she offers is hope.”


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